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Our national helpline is open until midnight weekdays, and 4pm on Saturdays.

We are the Largest trade union within the UK with over 2700 members in our branch alone!

UNISON provide a wide range of learning and development opportunities for our members

About Us

Welcome to the website of the North Devon & Exeter (NDE) Branch of UNISON.

We're the largest trade union representing, campaigning and negotiating for workers across the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and private employers.

Our Members

UNISON members are people working in the public services, for private contractors providing public services and the essential utilities. They include frontline staff and managers working full or part time in local authorities, the NHS, the police service, colleges and schools, the electricity, gas and water industries, transport and the voluntary sector.

Our Stewards

We have a team of accredited local representatives made up of workers across the trust and private employers. Are you interested in helping your colleagues at work? Contact Us for more information

Our Campaign

UNISON campaigns and lobbies on key issues affecting our members and the public at large. We’re working to protect and improve public services, win equal pay and employment rights for everyone, improve safety in the workplace and end discrimination and harassment at work.

If you're in a union, you're never alone.

We live in unsettling times. The NHS is under immense pressure to deliver on a budget that has been cut since 2010, that means more pressure on staff, there has never been a more important time to ensure that your concerns are heard and by joining a union you are being part of that collective voice.

Our branch uses a modern and secure system to handle your cases.

p> From the initial contact to our final catch up and everything in between, everything is logged on our secure digital system.

This gives you peace of mind that all your data will be handled securly, if anything happens to your assigned representative and they are unable to continue to represent you, another representative can pick up exactly where the other left off.

Our digital system removes the need for you to sign and return paperwork, you can upload files directly from your Email or by taking a photo on your phone, this means that we can get the information as fast as possible giving our Representatives more time to adequately assess your case and offer support.

Why Join?

Each of our 2700+ members has their own reasons for joining UNISON.
But every one receives our help and support.

Legal Help

For you at work and your family at home

Financial Help

and debt advice in times of need


for you and your family


including money off cars and holidays

Learning & Development

to help develop your career








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The Team

We have a team of accredited local representatives made up of workers across the branch.
Are you interested in helping your colleagues at work? Contact us for more information.

Trudie Martin

  • Accredited Steward
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • UNISON Learning Representative
  • Branch Secretary
  • I became active in 2000 and did my training to be a Health & Safety more

    Marion Baker

  • Accredited Steward
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Branch Chair
  • Welfare Officer
  • Womens Officer
  • I have been active with UNISON for just over 4 years as an Accredited more

    Lynne Palmer-Mann

  • Accredited Steward
  • Branch Treasurer
  • Simon Leepile

  • Accredited Steward
  • Black Members Officer
  • International Relations Officer
  • Trudi Conibere

  • Accredited Steward
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • I have been a health and safety representative since December 2019, and I more

    Katrina-Marie Dempsey

  • Accredited Steward
  • Lukas Rapco

  • Accredited Steward
  • Marie Morgan

  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Nick Moore

  • Accredited Steward
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Robert Smith

  • Accredited Steward
  • Amy Hale

  • Workplace Contact
  • Ben Blake

  • Workplace Contact
  • Gary Walker

  • Workplace Contact
  • Gemma Ireland

  • Workplace Contact
  • Jessica Papayanni

  • Workplace Contact
  • Lorraine Spear

  • Workplace Contact
  • Mandie Gibbons

  • Workplace Contact
  • Mark Sanders

  • Workplace Contact
  • Philip Reed

  • Workplace Contact
  • Robert Boyd

  • Labour Link Officer
  • Robert Vaughan

  • Workplace Contact
  • Sarah Squires

  • Workplace Contact
  • Shaun Cunningham

  • Workplace Contact
  • Silvia Quinteros

  • Workplace Contact
  • Stacey Stevens

  • Workplace Contact
  • Tamsin Richards

  • Workplace Contact
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